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Our Partners

Vertice MedTech is a collection of South African companies with specialist skill sets, an established track record with defined medical focus areas with many years of practical skill and with experience in several medical specialities, which it offers to identified stakeholders to achieve best medical industry practise and best possible healthcare delivery to African patients.

Qode is a South African Medical Technology (MedTech) company passionate about bringing forth a healthcare revolution in patient care. We believe in Health information technology through data collection and reporting to visualise the way technology are changing the healthcare sector.

Buddy Industries is a software tech company specialising in building and developing targeted customer communication, customer experience management, customer sourcing and networking solutions. As an underlying service and value added product offering our business is built around people and great service execution. Buddy Industries provides a revolutionary 24/7 personal and travel assistant app. Our innovative app is backed by consultants who are available around the clock to assist with any type of query or emergency.

PSS’ TRISCOMS® framework is a leader in Education Technology (EdTech) and is used in multinational programs by organisations like the United Nations and private sector alike. TRISCOMS® technology brings best-in-class solutions from various tech stack developers (including Microsoft) together in one comprehensive cloud-based Professional Development, Training and Education Platform. TRISCOMS® empowers professionals, service providers, companies, professional associations, and councils across multiple industries and countries with innovative, integrated, and comprehensive online training and compliance solutions.

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