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The Unicorn Foundation

Dry Sticks

Our Vision

To design and offer integrated health care services which include virtual and face-to-face consulting.

To facilitate the establishment of training and tertiary schools.

To contribute to socio-economic upliftment

To network with Ministries, stakeholders and international agencies.

Our Current Projects

Call Center Headset



Project Details

Our Covid-19 Helpline

The helpline focuses on counselling services for those who are experiencing any Covid related crises.  Whether they may have just tested positive or lost someone due to the Corona Virus.

The Unicorn Health Foundation rotates volunteers according to their availability.  The volunteers could work either remotely or from our office.

Holistic Wellbeing

The foundation is currently offering Yoga, Pilates and Zumba classes. Donations are welcome


The Foundation raises awareness around mental health through different media platforms

Volunteers needed

If you wish to volunteer, kindly find our contact details on our "Contact Us" page or reach us via email or phone below

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